Our Ethos

Bushido, also known as the way of the warrior is a Japanese collective term for the many codes of honour and ideals that dictated the samurai way of life.

Our samurai inspired theme is firmly rooted and linked with the 8 virtues of Bushido which are:


Always strive to do the right thing; you may not be able to control the rest of the world but you can seek to follow a just path in your own life. Always do right by others but at the same time maintain your integrity when no one is watching.


To be truly courageous means to face your life as a whole, with absolute confidence that you will overcome any challenge and eventually realize happiness.


To be compassionate is to understand not only ourselves and our purpose but also the desires and wishes of others and how our actions affect those people.


There are many forms of power in the world and they can either be used to help other and/or hurt them. To command respect one must earn it and use it to help others.


To be truthful is to remain honest in one's dealings with others, when one speaks the truth others will know that you are telling the truth and this will become something others can rely on.


To be honourable is to know your best self, honour is a representation of who you are as a person. It is your word, your actions and your very worth as a person, all-encompassing reflected in others.


To be truly loyal one must know their place in the world, by being loyal you create unbreakable bonds that in time show other the value you place in them.


This final principal encapsulates the seven preceding ones, one must express great self-control in order to follow the path of the warrior.

Our firm and our staff aspire daily to achieve these virtues, these ideal will always be reflected by us in both the way we communicate with our client's and deal with their matters.