About Gino Pisanti & Japanese Inspiration

Mr Pisanti began his studies at the University of the Witwatersrand where he did a Bachelor of Arts Degree before obtaining his LLB Degree through UNISA. Mr Pisanti prior to establishing his own law firm worked for two other very well-respected law firms in and around Johannesburg.

Mr Pisanti's fascination with Japanese culture and in particular the principals in which the ancient samurais lived their life's, inspired a Japanese theme being incorporated into his law firm, not only in the form of imagery but in practice too.

Mr Pisanti is steadfast in the belief that the certain fundamental principles should be at the core of his law firm, much like the ancient samurai belief in bushido.

Mr Pisanti has done his utmost to implement these principals in his law firm, more specifically being ones of honesty, integrity, truthfulness, honour, loyalty, respect, compassion and self-control. These principals are vital to making a law firm not only work more effectively but give the maximum benefit to clients.

Mr Pisanti belief in these ideals is centred around his intention to created long lasting and fruitful relationships between him and his clients.